The World’s Best Bean Bag Gun – ARMA 100

The World’s Best Bean Bag Gun – ARMA 100

When it comes to the world’s best bean bag gun, users agree that the ARMA 100 is an effective means of protecting one’s self, property, and family against dangerous perpetrators. Delivering non-lethal force from 20 feet away at 135 feet per second, our bean bag gun is powerful. Not only is it law enforcement trusted and Civilian BATF approved, its projectiles are reusable. That makes it economical!

You won’t lose money on wasted rounds of ammunition nor will you put yourself or your family in grave danger by stepping closer to an attacker to render them defenseless with a stun gun. After all, you’ve seen what adrenaline does to a person! Who wants to make an angry attacker even angrier by hitting them with volts of electricity?

The ARMA 100 is designed to be loaded quickly. It’s safe for the user and offers a stiff spring mechanism that makes it difficult for children to fire without assistance. It looks and feels like a 37mm rifle but weighs a mere 1.5 pounds when unloaded. More importantly, it’s legal to carry and use in all 50 states without a license or background check.

There are reasons why people prefer our bean bag guns to other companies’ products. We’ve taken the time to have the U.S. Department of Justice’s Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives Division (BATFE) to review our bean bag gun. That’s why we state that it’s legal to use all over the United States without the hassle of filling out paperwork or having biometrics done. The BATFE stated that when used as a non-lethal weapon, the ARMA 100 will not be regulated.

ARMA USA stands behind its product by making its mission to increase the amount of safety and security its customers feel at any given time. By providing a weapon that is top rated in the area of self-defense weaponry, we restore peace of mind to men, women, and children all across North America in the fifty US states where owning our product is legal.

So many people don’t feel comfortable with the idea of owning a hand gun. They do, however, want protection against dangerous people. That’s why the ARMA 100 sells like it does. It allows a person to stand a safe distance from an attacker and still be effective.

Take it everywhere you go with ease. We offer a variety of accessories that keep your investment in great working order every day of the year. If you need additional bean bag ammunition, you’ll find it available in our online store. Having the convenience of buying everything you need from one location helps you get everything you need in one transaction with reduced shipping charges.

Cleaning the world’s best bean bag gun takes very little time and effort. We explain each step with pictures in our instructional handbook available for free download from our website. This allows you to keep your ARMA 100 in good working order at all times. You won’t have to worry about it malfunctioning when you need it most because you’ll know that you, personally, had a hand in cleaning and maintaining it.

The ARMA 100 is worth its initial investment. It gives you, the civilian, a safe and effective way to protect your person, family, pets, and property from the ‘bad guys’ convinced they deserve to have what you have. Instead of becoming a victim, you knock them down and give yourself and your loved ones time to flee to safety. You won’t need to stick around to remove barbs from a perpetrator to use your weapon again.

Do what it takes to survive! Make the ARMA 100 part of your exit plan in times of heightened security. Keep it nearby and loaded so you can get away at a moment’s notice. You’ll thank yourself for taking the time to get to know ARMA USA, its mission, and products. More importantly, you’ll sleep soundly at night knowing that you, your family, pets, and property are much safer than you were without your non-lethal, customer approved bean bag gun.

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