Types of Self Defense Weapons for Sale

RifleThe term self-defense has taken on new meaning in the last few years, as violence increases and many people are worried about natural disasters and the rumors that the apocalypse is coming. There are many different types of self defense weapons for sale on the market today. There are so many weapons on the market, as a matter of fact, that it can get confusing trying to choose the right one for you and your needs. Read on below for some of the best defense weapons on the market today.


Handguns are one of the most popular types of weapons sold for self-defense. The media portrays the handgun as the primary choice of weapons for heroes and villains alike. They also present handguns in a light that can be confusing and untrue.

  • No recoil when you fire: Most handguns do have some form of a kick when fired.
  • You never run out of ammunition: Every handgun has a limit to the number of bullets it will hold.
  • You can easily hit your target every single time: Just like every other type of gun, a handgun requires careful aim to hit what you are shooting at.


Shotguns are reliable self-defense weapons, especially when it comes to home defense. The biggest problem with shotguns is the fact that you have to reload so often, and if you have more than one attacker, it doesn’t give you the time you need to reload. It is also hard to handle a shotgun and while trying to maneuver your children to safety at the same time. Shotguns are more affordable than other guns, but have quite a kick when you shoot them.

ARMA 100

The ARMA 100 bean bag gun is for people who want to defend their homes, but don’t want to kill their attacker. The ARMA 100 is a non-lethal form of protection that has an effective shooting range of up to 25-feet. If you are scared that you won’t be able to pull the trigger of a shotgun or handgun in order to protect yourself and your family, then this may very well be the best self defense shotgun alternative for you. It is legal in all 50 states and is the perfect self-defense weapon for people in all walks of life.

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