Top Self-Defense Weapon of 2015

Top Self-Defense Weapon of 2015

arma-product-picThe world is a scary place at times. Part of emergency preparedness is being aware of the dangers that exist today. There are many ways a person can prepare himself or herself against an attack. One of the most powerful forms of protection is a weapon because it keeps assailants at a safe distance. 

How many times, though, does that theory backfire? Do you want your own firearm to be used to attack you or your family? The answer is no, right? If it falls into the wrong hands, it will. What type of non-lethal weapons exist for someone like you?Non-Lethal Force at Your Disposal

What if there was a safe alternative to handguns and tazers that made a perpetrator think twice about coming at you? What if buying this weapon online took seconds and didn’t require someone to dig deep into your personal history to deem you capable of using it? Would that pique your interest in it? Would you recommend it to your family and friends?

Locked, Loaded, and Legal to Carry

A weapon doesn’t have to be lethal to scare away intruders and attackers. In fact, the Arma 100 is “The Best Alternative to Lethal Force Available”. The bean bag gun is law enforcement trusted and Civilian BATF approved making it legal to carry loaded.

No Waiting Period or Background Check to Pass

It’s easy to use, fast to reload, and delivers knockdown power up to 20 feet. It’s known as the safest less lethal product available and doesn’t require a license or background check for a person to buy it. With danger lurking around every corner, it pays to be prepared.

Stop an Assailant Dead in Their Tracks without Fatally Injuring Them

Owning the Arma 100 makes it so you’re never forced into a sticky situation without a fight. You and your family have plenty of time to escape an intruder or attacker. More importantly, you’ll stop them dead in their tracks without lethally injuring them. If you have an ‘us or them’ mentality, you’ll want the top self-defense weapon of 2015 in your possession.

A Smart Investment

Some additional features of the Arma 100 include how lightweight and economical it is. Other things worth noting are its twin safety features and ability to use a variety of payloads. More importantly, its user manual provides detailed information on how to use it safely. The company also offers customer support for anyone who purchases the bean bag gun and has questions.

Easy to Clean and Requires Little Maintenance

The Arma 100 is easy to clean. The only lubrication it needs is a simple bar of soap. This makes it easier to cock. It’s important not to use any other oils, lubes or solvent based products on the Arma 100 because they jam things up and make the bean bag gun hard to use.

Allows You to Maintain a Safe Distance from an Intruder or Attacker

Rather than spend time and money on expensive self-defense classes that may or may not serve you well in the event of an emergency, investing in the top self-defense weapon of 2015 makes more sense. You get immediate protection and you get to keep your distance from an attacker. The closer you are to someone who wants to harm you, the more danger you face.

Safety Feature Makes It Hard for Kids to Use

The Arma 100 looks like a weapon so it’s important to proceed with caution when using it in the presence of law enforcement. A standard safety ring and cocking mechanism makes it difficult for children to operate. The bean bag gun fires up to nine marker balls/pepper gas balls at a time, rendering an assailant useless upon contact.

Prepare by Doing What It Takes to Protect Yourself, Your Home, and Your Family

Being able to assess a dangerous situation and react in a way that protects yourself and your family is priceless these days. With violent offenders lurking around every corner, you never know when you’ll need another means of protection. If you want to apply force but not kill the person trying to attack you, the Arma 100 is the right self-defense weapon for you.

Protecting yourself and your family against home invasions, robberies, and terrorist attacks is a big part of emergency preparedness. If you’ve prepared for the worst in other ways, one last step for you to take is to purchase an Arma 100 and familiarize yourself with how to load and use it. It’s the one precaution you take that could very well save you and your family’s lives.

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