Five Myths about Self-Defense for Women

A young woman defends herself against an male attackerYour biggest problem as a woman isn’t that you are the weaker sex; your problem is that you buy into the preconceived notions about self-defense for women. There are five myths about self-defense that can get you hurt, or worse, if you believe them; read on below to find out what they are.

Myth 1: Reasoning with Your Attacker

You have probably never pulled a gun on someone and demanded that they give you their purse. The point is that you have nothing in common with the type of criminal that would do such a thing. While you would love to get out of this situation without violence, reasoning with a sociopath is not going to work. It is best to have some sort of self defense like the ARMA with an effective firing range of 25 feet to help you stave off your attacker until help can arrive.

Myth 2: Scream for Help

Taking the time to scream for help, could be the difference in life and death. You don’t have time to wait for a hero. Your best chance is to injure the person attacking you, with mace, pepper spray or a bean bag gun from ARMA. The ARMA is legal to carry and can give you the time you need to run, without being lethal to your attacker.

Myth 3: Being Physically Fit Can Save Your Life

While being physically fit can help you deliver the hits to target areas, you don’t have to be physically fit to save your own life. You just need to be smart and have some form of defense with you. Even if you are one of the strongest women in your neighborhood, there is a stronger man out there, and you could be in trouble if you depend on your own strength.

Myth 4: Back Away from Your Attacker

In a situation where your life is being threatened, backing away gives your attacker time to think and come at you again. When you are attacked, you need to go on the defensive right away and attack back. It is best if you have your ARMA 100 with you, so that you never have to put your hands on your attacker, you can just stand back and shoot.

Myth 5: Block His Attacks

Many classes will teach you to try to block the blows of your attacker. This type of thinking will make you hesitate, putting you a step behind your attacker, giving him the ammunition he needs. You don’t want to freeze up when you are attacked, you need to try to remain clear headed and logical.

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