Myths Concerning Home Protection Weapons


Old School Myths

In today’s increasingly violent world, many people’s thoughts are turning to the best way to protect the people that they love. Home protection weapons abound, and you can find something to protect your family in just about every store in America. From pepper spray to Mace and from stun guns to tasers, you can always find something that will help you keep your family safe. When it comes to home defense, there are many myths that need to be dispelled, read on below for a few of them.


Myth One: A Long Gun Can be Taken Easily

With proper training, it would be very hard for a bad guy to take a long gun from someone protecting his or her hearth and home. A long gun can be harder to take away than a handgun, if you have the training that you need.

Myth Two: Long Guns are too Loud and Destroy Your Hearing

The truth is that any type of firearm is going to be loud when fired in a dwelling. Besides, the last thing on your mind is your hearing, if someone if threatening your family. If you are worried about the loudness of the long gun, then you might want to get an ARMA 100 bean bag gun instead. They are not as loud as a long gun and the fact that the gun is non-lethal recommends it to someone who might not be able to pull the trigger on a gun that can kill.

Myth Three: All You need is One Shot, so Reloading is Not Important

This is one of the biggest myths there is, because you cannot be sure that you will hit your target with the first shot, besides who says that there will be only one intruder. You need to be able to reload quickly, just in case there is someone else in your home, you can only shoot one person at a time.

Myth Four: If You are Threatened, Pulling the Trigger is Easy

Plain and simple, just because you are being threatened, does not mean that you will automatically become a killer. It is hard for most rational human beings to take a life, even if they are being attacked. The best thing to do if you think there is any possibility that you might not be able to pull the trigger is buy an ARMA 100 bean bag gun instead. It is the perfect self defense shotgun alternative, and can be shot at a range of 25-feet away. The best part about this weapon is that it will put your attacker down, so that you can go for help, but it won’t kill them.

If you are ready to get a home defense product that anyone in your home can use, you will want to visit today for more information on this home protection weapon. Today’s society is rough, and it doesn’t seem to be getting any better, Americans have to protect their families and the ARMA 100 is the best way possible to do that.

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