Impact Self Defense and Why Women Should Take the Classes

Fight. Woman Knee Kick In Mans StomachImpact self defense is a personal self-defense program that works to teach safety tactics, and makes an effort to prepare women to combat a sexual assault or other type of violence. It is thought that every woman should have some type of self-defense classes. Women should also carry self-defense weapons, whether it is pepper spray, mace, or the ARMA 100 bean bag gun. Below you will find out a little about impact self-defense and how it can help you.

Teaches Through Realistic Scenarios

This type of self-defense classes teaches through realistic scenarios. One instructor will coach students and another instructor will play the attacker. You will go through all kinds of different scenarios, all of them very possible in this day and age.

Verbal Skills and Use of Voice

The program also teaches you to use your verbal skills and your voice to scream for help. If you have the ARMA 100 with you as well, you can knock out your attacker from a range of 25-feet and have plenty of time to scream for help. The great thing about the ARMA 100 is the fact that it is legal in all 50 states. While impact defense is helpful, having that extra bit of protection with you strengthens your odds for survival even more.

For many people who have experienced extreme violence, for example a sexual attack, or if something has happened to a family member, they can come to feel empowered by taking an impact self-defense classes. Pair the classes with the ARMA 100, and they will feel a lot safer and more confident. The impact classes teaches that everyone can be empowered, that everyone can take care of himself or herself and be strong, regardless of size, gender, age, or physical abilities.

If you have decided to take impact self defense classes, but still feel that you want a non-lethal form of self or home defense as well. You will want to check out the ARMA 100 bean bag gun at today for more information.

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