Home Security Defense: Benefits of the Zombie Craze

Vintage Metal Sign - Beware of Zombies - Vector EPS10. Grunge efMany of us were huge fans of the B-horror movies that showed zombies eating their way through America’s population as kids. None of us ever thought that when we were adults, a zombie craze would ensue, with many people actually believing that some flesh eating virus was going to transform citizens into zombies that would want to feast on our brains.

In reality, the zombie craze has been great for promoting home security, as many people have actually started to take their home defense seriously. Below you will find some of the benefits that the whole zombie craze has offered Americans everywhere.

Disaster Preparedness

Even the federal government is capitalizing on the zombie craze. The CDC, Centers for Disease Control, actually had a blog on their website, stating that if you were prepared for the zombie invasion, you would have no problem dealing with a natural disaster, pandemic, or a terrorist attack. It has also prompted citizens to start actively thinking about the types of home defense they should use to protect their families, aside from the cans of pepper spray, mace, and the occasional shotgun.

Hot Sellers

With the advent of the zombie craze, people’s thoughts have turned to securing self defense weapons for their homes. Many places have taken to promoting merchandise that targets the coming zombie apocalypse. The one thing that you don’t want to forget is that while the zombies coming aren’t real, the weapons you buy are. You don’t want to get so caught up in the craze that you get paranoid. Once you shoot someone with a shotgun, there is no going back.

The ARMA 100 Bean Bag Gun

The best thing to do if you feel that you could be the paranoid sort is to go with a non lethal type of self defense. The best non lethal home defense weapon is one that you can shoot at a safe range without killing your intruder. You want something that allows you to stun your attacker, but still get away safely.

The ARMA 100 has an effective shooting range of 25-feet, making it the perfect choice for everyone from college students to cops who do not want to carry a firearm. The best thing about the ARMA 100 is that fact that it is legal in all 50-states passing even self defense laws in New Jersey and New York.

If you are ready to do what you have to do to protect your family from the coming zombie invasion, then you should visit http://www.armausa.com/ today for more information.

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