The advantage of non lethal weapons.

The Arma 100 is a new and unique product that gives Americans the power of having a good home defense weapon without the burden or mess of taking someone’s life.


Face it, many American’s are faced with the unpleasant situation of of having to defend their home and family from a home invasion or robbery. It’s one things to say “I’ll shoot someone dead if they break into my house” it’s completely different when you are standing face to face with your attacker or attackers. I’m sure you’re thinking “hey I’ll do what I have to do, it’s me or them.” While that is the truth wouldn’t it be better to be able to take the intruder down instantly with a powerful blast from a beanbag gun?

A single shot for an Arma is like taking a blow from a professional boxer but in a more centralized place, bounty hunters, corrections and other security forces are now using the Arma for this very reason. Not ALL intruders are coming into your home with the intention of hurting anyone. In an economy where many people are desperately trying to provide a Christmas for their families, or simply keep from being kicked out of their home during a bad time in their life. People do desperate things and resort to acts they wouldn’t normally.

This is why it is important to consider using alternative methods of punishment or violence to scare of a home intruder. We are not saying that all situations should be treated with such softness, but in many scenarios the intruder is just as scared at getting caught, and will do things they wouldn’t normally do to keep themselves from being caught. A bean bag gun impact anywhere on the intruder will not only scare them but hurt like hell. In less than 5 seconds you can reload your Arma and let the intruder know they have another shot coming if they move again.

This would be a good time to then call 911 or get your family to safety. Now let’s consider this same situation but with a gun, someone enters your home from an unlocked window or door at 3am, you hear the noise, you immediately grab your gun, unlock it, and load the clip and a round in the chamber, you go out of your room and you see the prowler stealing your personal property, you then open fire on them, chances are if you’re a good shot it’s going to drop them to the ground leaving a bloody mess.

By this time assuming that you are using a good sized ammunition the prowler is bleeding out or has already passed away. You grab the phone and dial 911, as you approach the prowler you realize that you’ve shot the guy in the back over a piece of property (something that could be replaced) even though he was in the wrong you have forever changed the lives of you and your family and even the prowlers family. There is no going back after you kill someone and trust me that is not a burden anyone should have to deal with.

When the cops arrive and ask why the man was shot in the back, you then will have to explain that you saw the person in your house taking something and opened fire. Did you know: Shooting someone fleeing will get you in trouble? In the case of a fleeing burglar/criminal, it’s difficult to claim “imminent danger to life/limb,” and thus using lethal force is generally no longer justifiable in that case. So now you’re facing not just difficulty of taking another person’s life but legal ramifications from just doing what you felt necessary to protect your possessions, home and family. Hardly seems worth it does it?

This can all be avoided by taking up non lethal arms such as a bean bag gun, taser, or even pepper spray. Think about your main goal when an intruder comes into your home, is it to kill them or is it to get them to leave you, your family, and your stuff alone? Please do not mistake what we are saying, we are not anti gun. There are circumstances that call for the use of lethal force, and you as a honest hard working American have the right to use that force if needed.

Shouldn’t lethal weapons be our last case scenario rather than our first. In the event someone does come into your home and is trying to hurt you, or your family having your spouse hold your handgun or firearm while you use your Arma is a great backup in the case that the perpetrator does have a gun. Let the firearm be a plan B rather than your plan A. Use the Arma 100 as your plan A, and leave an impact with the criminal they won’t soon forget.

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