2016 Self Defense Weapon Buying Guide

2016 Self Defense Weapon Buying Guide

When shopping for self-defense weapons this year, don’t discount the power of the ARMA 100. Made in Rancho Cordova, California by a team of engineers who have been in the trade for over 30 years, the high-powered bean bag gun immobilizes attackers from a distance of 20 feet away. Unlike pepper spray, the ARMA 100 stops perpetrators in their tracks and makes them think twice about coming at you again.

More importantly, the bean bag gun is legal in all 50 states making it one of the best weapons for self-defense around. If you’re the type of person who prefers not to own a firearm, the ARMA 100 is perfect for you. It gives you added protection without being lethal. It’s also easy to clean, effective, and well-made.

To use pepper spray, you must be close to the attacker. That isn’t the case with the ARMA 100. You’re able to fire from a distance giving your family time to flee to safety. You’re not putting your life on the line the way you do with pepper spray which often does little to prevent an attack.

The perpetrator could very well work through the pain, cause serious harm to you, and potentially jeopardize the safety of your family. If that wasn’t enough to steer you clear from pepper spray, the fact that the dispensing mechanism may fail rendering the weapon useless when you need it most should. Sometimes the locking mechanism is defective and the product gets sprayed into your own eyes, nose, and mouth.

ARMA USA takes pride in the products it designs and manufactures. The company offers cutting-edge weaponry used by police and emergency personnel. When looking for a self-defense weapon that meets your needs and budget, consider the following features of the ARMA 100.

Not only is it lightweight and easy-to-load, it’s versatile. You can switch up your ammo using bean bags one day and pepper gas balls another. That alone makes it economical and a great choice for protecting your family.

While others are subjected to extensive background checks and gun licenses, you’ll be armed and ready with the ARMA 100. You won’t lose sleep waiting for protection. You’ll have it in hand when you need it which is well worth the initial investment you make buying the bean bag gun.

If protecting your home, family, and belongings is a top priority and you want to do it without fatally injuring someone, look into buying a bean bag gun from ARMA USA. Crafted with care using the highest quality materials, the ARMA 100 comes with a limited one-year manufacturer’s guarantee against defects.

ARMA USA is looking for distributors throughout the United States. If you know anyone who would like to sell the company’s products, refer them to ArmaUSA.com for more information. Getting the word out about this powerful self-defense weapon is key to many people’s survivals. Wouldn’t you rather be armed and ready when something catastrophic happens and you and your family’s lives are in jeopardy?

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