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Woman With Assault Rifle

What Doomsday Preppers can Teach You About Home Defense and Home Defense Products

Doomsday and doomsday preppers have been a major topic of discussion for quite a few years. The controversy still rages on as to whether we should be preparing for doomsday with home defense and home defense products. Many people feel that stockpiling food, water, weapons, medical supplies, and generators is foolhardy and a waste of […]

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Personal Taser - Stun Gun

Top 4 Nonlethal Weapons for Home Defense

In a world that was perfect, the only defense you would need would be your hands, your feet, and your wits. Unfortunately, today’s world is violent and home-defense weapons are necessary. There are a number of non-lethal weapons, however, that you can use to protect your home, without killing the intruder. Read on for the […]

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