Non Lethal Weapon and Tazer Alternative

ARMA-100 Bean Bag Gun Kit

$ 199.00

• Law enforcement trusted, Civilian BATF approved
• Highly effective knockdown power up to 20 feet away at 135 feet per second with reusable bean bag projectiles
• Simple release allows loaded cartridges to be inserted quickly
• Safest and most effective non-lethal device compared to electric shock devices
• Legal to have loaded in 50 states, and requires no license or background check
• Safety and stiff spring mechanism is designed to make operation difficult for a child
• Frame made similar to a 37mm rifle barrel and is 10″ in length and overall length is 18″
• Weighs 1.5 lbs unloaded
• Grip is made from aircraft composites and finished graphite
What's Included:

• one (1) bean bags
• one (1) cartridges
• one (1) Piston Install Tool
• cartridge adapter kit (allows CO2 cylinders to fit properly in cartridges)
• two (2) CO2 cylinders (for practice firing)
• one (1)  4.8 grams nitrogen cylinders
• two (2) pistons
• two (2) caps
• two (2) rings

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Product Description

Made is usaThe ARMA 100 is a revolutionary alternative to non-lethal self-defense. Law enforcement approved, the ARMA 100 stops assailants up to 20 feet away and is safer to use than electric shock devices. Simply load the assembled cartridges in the ARMA’s quick release, then pull back cocking mechanism to lock in place. With a simple switch with your thumb unlock the mechanism to shoot your bean bag payload at 135 feet per second through its 37mm rifle barrel. The ARMA is legal to carry loaded and requires no background check. It uses nitrogen (or CO2 for training purposes) to launch payloads with no significant recoil. The frame and grip is made from aircraft composites and finished graphite for an intimidating appearance that may deter attackers from advancing forward.