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ARMA USA welcomes Distributor Reseller inquires for the sale of the ARMA-100 Defense Deterrent Device. The ARMA-100 is a Less Than Lethal alternative for a cross sections of markets, applications and industries


  • Private Facility Security Personnel
  • Home Protection
  • Trucking and Transportation
  • Security Contractors
  • Fugitive Recovery Agents – Bounty Hunters
  • Public Sector Facility Security

The ARMA 100 uses nitrogen (CO2 for training purposes) to launch a variety of payloads. Simple and easy to use, The ARMA 100 has no significant recoil or kickback.

The ARMA 100 is equipped with two safety features: a standard mechanical safety feature as well as a cocking mechanism designed to make operation difficult for a child. The ARMA 100 is the NEW DEFINITION in less-lethal weapons today.

Product Specifications

  • Model : ARMA 100
  • Device Type : 37 mm Payload Delivery System (PDS)
  • Propellant : Single use 23 gram Nitrogen cylinders. With adapter kit use of Nitrogen or CO2
  • Barrel Length : 10″
  • Overall Length : 18″ (45.625 cm)
  • Weight : 1.5 lbs., unloaded
  • Target Range : 0-75′ viable range, depending on application
  • Maximum Range : Up to 225′, depending on application
  • Velocity : 60 fps using CO2 ; 135 fps using nitrogen gas 3″ diamater beanbag; 190 fps using nitrogen and squash ball
  • Capacity / Payload : 4 oz.- 6 oz. 3″ diameter beanbag; squash ball; up to nine marker balls/pepper gas balls; safety line
  • Sight : Removable sighting ring or laser light, red or green laser available
  • Safety Features : Safety device plus a stiff spring mechanism designed to make operation difficult for a child
  • Frame & Grip : Aircraft composites Finish Graphite

The ARMA-100 is a unique self-defense deterrent device that is

  • Priced competitively to other Non-Lethal type of Defense Deterrent Products
  • Portable, Light weight, Effective
  • Simple to Operate
  • Legal for use in all 50 States
  • Unique from all others in the market

As an ARMA USA Distributor, we can offer your Company;

  • Excellent Profit Potential
  • Product direct shipment to your customers with personalized shipper
  • Foreign Market Distribution Opportunities

Please submit your inquires to us on the form below and let’s discuss how your Company can join us in marketing one of the most innovative, effective Defense Deterrent Products in the market today.

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