Maintenance Free and Simple to Use

“In nearly 30 years spent in law-enforcement, I have come across most, if not all, [other personal defense devices]. Most work to some degree…. Enter the Arma 100.
…the Arma 100 is a modern version of an impact-projecting weapon that’s extremely well-adapted to the needs of law-enforcement and security personnel today….

In fact, this defensive weapon’s appearance alone may in some cases be enough to bring the situation under control. Another advantage of the Arma 100 is that it is virtually maintenance-free and simple to use.”
Jess I. Galan, Retired Forensic Firearms Examiner

Again, Congratulations; it’s a Winner….

“I wanted to express my congratulations to Arma USA for manufacturing what I believe to be the most innovative new product I have seen in many years. Your Arma 100 is in my opinion the best alternative to lethal force available for law enforcement, military, and civilian use.

The unit is simple to operate and its rugged construction will give the owner many years of reliable service life. I am particularly impressed with the unit’s versatile array of projectiles, making it the perfect choice for a variety of mission roles.
Again, Congratulations; it’s a winner….”
Tom Pertierra, National Association of Police Equipment Distributors

All sorts of relevant and useful applications

“It is obvious from my 40+ years in the military, criminal justice, and mental health fields, that your company’s product, the Arma 100, has filled a critical niche in non-lethal technology to deal effectively with potentially dangerous situations
I see all sorts of relevant and useful applications of this valuable technology, to prevent the undesirable outcome of taking human life in all these potential dangerous situations the real goal is to prevent danger from escalating into serious physical injury. This is exactly what your product does better than other such non-lethal devices on the market.”
William Cottinger, Ph.D., CHS-III

All of the Patrol Cars are Equipped with the ARMA 100

“We have the Arma 100 as part of our “less than lethal” arsenal for about 15 months To this date, the Arma 100 has been brandished on several occasions, but it has never been deployed against an aggressor.
It seems that just displaying the Arma 100 has had enough of an intimidation factor It was used against an aggressive dog with positive results. The dog left the area and was not severely injured. All of the patrol cars are equipped with the Arma 100 and they are loaded and ready to use….”
Daniel Vergin, Chief of Police, Everest Metro Police Department

For every fire truck and rescue rig

“There is no reason why this product shouldn’t wind up in every fire truck and rescue rig in North America.”
Leland Stanford, Leland Limited Inc.