ARMA 100 Bean Bag Gun Versus Pepper Spray

ARMA 100 Bean Bag Gun Versus Pepper Spray

The ARMA 100 bean bag gun is a highly effective way to stop an attacker from coming into contact with you and your family. Easier to use than pepper spray which often expires after years of carrying it or malfunctions and causes harm to the person discharging it, the powerful weapon made by ARMA USA is non-lethal and legal to carry in all 50 states.

The bean bag gun, designed and manufactured in the USA, allows you to maintain a good distance from an assailant. Get out of harm’s way and shoot from 20 feet away. You’re not going to have that type of reach with pepper spray. Even then, you don’t know how a person is going to react to getting sprayed.

The ARMA 100 doesn’t mess around. Powered by nitrogen, it delivers ammunition in the form of bean bags, squash balls or pepper gas balls at such a force that it stops an attack from becoming much worse. Once the bags or balls make an impact with a person, they’re no longer a threat. They may have made the mistake of coming at you, a family member or friend once, but they won’t do it again.

Unlike pepper spray that needs replacement after use, a bean bag gun is economical. When properly cleaned and cared for, it lasts for years. The type of ammunition it takes varies making it a wise and versatile option for your home, vehicle or workplace. You can refill it with whatever ammo works best for you and your budget.

Don’t make the mistake of carrying pepper spray and thinking that you’re 100% protected. You won’t be and you’ll have a hard time sheltering those you love from attackers when the only thing you have on your person is a tiny key-ring canister. Choose a far superior weapon by reading up on and buying an ARMA 100.

The high-powered bean bag gun comes with a manufacturer’s warranty against defects and safety features that make it hard for children to fire. It’s easy-to-clean and doesn’t require anything more than a bar of soap to lubricate it.

Pepper spray potency varies from brand to brand. You don’t know how effective it is until you spray it. That leaves you rather vulnerable in the event of an attack. With the ARMA 100, you know that once that bean bag, squash ball or pepper gas ball strikes an assailant, they aren’t going anywhere. It knocks them for a loop making them think twice about coming at you again.

Prepare for whatever dangers lurk outside your home today with a powerful bean bag gun. It’s one of the smartest ways to prepare for emergency situations. You don’t have the hassle associated with buying and registering a firearm. You also don’t have to wait for a background check to clear or a license to be issued.

You get immediate protection from the start and that says a lot. For more information about the ARMA 100, visit If you or someone you know shows interest in selling ARMA products, let them know that the company is looking for distributors.

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